30 March, 2012

Wednesday Workshops L2 L3 Mag

In group 4 and 5, I discussed employment, health insurance, taxes and gave an quick overview of the politic parties in the US. We later listened to This American Life episode "What kind of Country?" and read the transcript. I explained how we have three tiers of taxation in the US, with national income tax that pays for social security (the money you receive at 65 after you retire) and the health care and medication for the elderly as well, and other government programs. We additionally have state and local taxes. This can vary from state to state, as well at the sales tax (like the TVA) on purchased items. In group 5, I went a bit further in detail in the upcoming election and the concerns of Americans for the Democratic and Republican parties. I explained that the American campaigns for president cost a lot of money, and are often funded by Political Action Committees (PACs) which are special interest groups often funded by big businesses, who pay for campaigns in order to ensure politicians will vote for laws that benefit the businesses. I explained that Obama's campaign is entirely funded by small time donors, and he doesn't accept money from PACs. I showed a current campaign video called "Obamaville" produced by Republican candidate Rick Santorum as an example of some of the over-the-top campaign tactics we have in the US.

In group 3 - I gave a detailed grammar lesson on frequent mistakes at level 3, as well as the explanation between the words: trip, travel, vacation/holidays, voyages, journeys, & cruises. I explained the past simple, past continuous, and the present perfect. The present perfect most closely resembles the past tense in french, because it uses have, has and had. It's not used as past tense, but only in theses circumstances of


I have been to France.
He has worked in tourism.

Change Over Time

I have improved my English from my year abroad.
The travel industry has become more interested in eco-friendly tourism.
You have grown more mature from living on your own.
He has become less difficult to work with.

Achievement / Accomplishments

He has hiked in the Alps.
She has learned a lot from working in Africa.
The students have finished exams.

Uncompleted Action You Expect to Happen

James has not finished his homework.
She hasn't mastered Chinese, but she is improving.
They haven't arrived at the airport.
The train has not arrived yet.

Multiple Actions at Different times

I have had four classes already today.
We have had many problems while working on this project.
She has talked to many tourists about the town.

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