21 March, 2012

Wedesday Workshops L2, L3, MAG

I had groups 4B, 3A, and 5.

In all groups, I asked students to give me examples of questions that are frequently asked in job interviews. The idea is that when preparing for an interview, you should try to think of the types of questions you will be asked, and prepare your answers in advance. This way you will be much more confident when it comes to the actual interview, and more comfortable with answers you have already practices reciting, especially if you ever have to do an interview in your second language of English. After the students gave me their questions,
I read off this list of commonly asked interview questions. In some classes I gave additional CV advice. I also in some classes discussed using career building websites like or .com to post your CV in French and English, and using facebook applications like BeKnown to build an online presence. Most employers these days will Google prospective employees, and it is a good sign to have an additional online presence other than facebook. I also advise students to start blogs about travel or something else they are interested in. It's good to have a good online presence, and will only become more important in the future.

In group 4B, we talked about some good adjectives to use, as well.

In group 3A, we are ahead one week of the other classes. I missed an update. We have already worked on the travel stories the Week of March 14th. We did not fully discuss the past tense, and so I ask if you have the chance to refer to the next post - for Monday the 26th, for group 3B to look at some of the usage of past tense.

In the group 5 class, with the extra time in class, I gave a brief description of the difference between CDI/CDDs in France, and the basic overview of how a job and taxes work in the US. I decided we will continue this discussion next Wednesday in more detail.

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