10 December, 2010

Review - Level 2

**Note - Level 2 control changed to 11h Monday 13, décembre, salle 402**

Vocabulary for Describing People

Everyone loves people watching from the café. There are many ways to remark on someone’s outward appearance, and to describe someone’s style, ethnicity, and clothing.
• Look! He / She is wearing…
• He / She looks like he / she is …They looke like they are…
• They have the appearance …
• Those people are … That person is …

Descriptive Words
• tall – grand(e) • well-built / shapely (f) – bien foutue
• little / short – petit(e) • buff (m) – bien baraqué
• a midget – un / une nain(e) • scrawny – un sac d’os
• hunchback – bossu(e) • tanned – bronze(e)
• pale – pale, palot • long-haired – chevulu(e)
• hairy – poilu(e) • chunky / chubby – grassouillet(te)
• fat – gros/grosse • skinny – maigre; maigrichon(ne)

Attractive People
• handsome (m) – beau • beautiful (f) – belle
• cute – mignon(ne) • pretty (f) – jolie
• stylish – à la mode • really fashionable – glamour
• hip – branché(e) • trendy – tendance

• a lean face – un visage fin • a friendly / likeable face – une bonne piffe
• a good “mug” – une bonne gueule • a round face – la tête arrondie
• a square jaw – un visage carré • beady eyes – des petits yeux
• good measurements – de bonne mensurations
• a nasty mom of hair – une sale tignasse • a bad figure – un physique désagréable
• a tiny head – une petit tête • a big head – une grosse tête
• homely – un / une laideron(ne) • slimy – un gros porc
• dirty – sale • a fat sausage – un boudin

• kids – les enfants • teens – les ados
• wino – le pochetron ; le poivrot • bum – le / la clochard(e)
• a thug – un voyou • spoiled rich kid – un fils / une fille à papa
• ladies’ man – un tombeur • good ol’ boy – un bon bougre
• redneck – un pequenot • hick – un plouc
• jock – le sportif / la sportive

• White trash – les beaufs • The rich folk – Les costume-cravate
• Bible-Thumpers – les culs bénis • The commuters – Les métros-boulet-dodo
• Hippies – les babas cools • The bohemians / yuppies – Les bobos


Questions from the first day: Music, Movies, and More


le film film, movie
le cinéma movie
comédie comedy
le documentaire documentary
le drame drama
le film d'action action movie
le film d'aventures adventure
le film d'épouvante horror
la science-fiction science fictionle
western western

Acteurs ~ Cast
un acteur actor
une actrice actress
la distribution cast list
le premier rôle male lead, leading actor
le premier rôle féminin female lead, leading actress
le second rôle supporting actor
le second rôle féminin supporting actress
la vedette star

Équipe ~ Crew

le caméraman, cadreur camera operator
le / la cinéaste director, film-maker
le / la décorateur / décoratrice designer
le directeur de la photo(graphie) cinematographer, director of photography
le / la maquilleur / maquilleuse make-up artist
le metteur en scène director
le / la monteur / monteuse editor
le / la producteur / productrice producer
le producteur exécutif executive producer
la productrice exécutive
le / la réalisateur / réalisatrice director

Scènes et Plans ~ Scenes and Shots
l'arrêt sur image freeze frame
le cadre frame
dans le champ in shot
en décor, studio on set
en extérieur on location
le fondu dissolve, fade
hors champ off-camera
le panoramique panning
un plan rapproché / serré close up
le raccord continuity

Verbes ~ Verbs
bruiter to add sound effectscadrer to frame a shotcouper to cutdiriger to directinterpréter to perform, act
monter to edit
produire to produce
projeter to project, show
tourner (un film, une scène) to film, shoot (a movie, scene)

à l'affiche showing, playing, on screen
la bande sonore soundtrack
le bruitage sound effects
doublé dubbed
sous-titré subtitled

Ecotourism Article,,5338973,00.html

Fast Food - McRib & Fast Food in America

The Hookup - Sex Without Intimacy Article

Stereotypes -

Discussion of common stereotypes between French & America.

We read the fake article, An American's Guide to France -

Video we watched in class -

08 December, 2010

Wine Lesson - Level 4B

Here is the link to the first article we listened to and read along:

I also read this article to you, and followed with questions which you can find downloadable at the end of the article:

We watched this clip of Conan O'Brian, from the TV show, Late Night with Conan O'Brian:

And here you have a large vocabulary list:

picked ripe grapes – fraichement cueille; choisir des raisins fraiche
crushed together – s’écraser ensemble
broke open – caisser ouvert; se crever
yeasts on the skins – levure sur les marcs (?)
offerings – des offres
Middles Ages – Les Moyen Ages
stored for future use –garder pour utiliser plus tard
better storage method – meilleur stockage method
wood, clay or leather – bois, terre, ou cuir
tight seal - fermature
tannin – acid digallique

Brief Wine Lesson: Level 5/6

Here is the link to article we looked over in class, you can find the questions for review at the bottom of the article.

Ecotourism Level 4A

Here are the links to the videos we watched in class about the Kerala territory and its Ecotourism.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

While watching the videos, pay attention to the use of vocabulary, but also the marketing techniques that makes these videos effective advertising.
  • Repetitive use of the world map to enforce location
  • repetitive use of the same type face for different areas of Kerala
  • Each area has different slogan
  • The use of tranquil world music to reiiterate the calming effects of nature
  • repetitive descriptions of activities alongside activities special to each area
  • The editing of the video to show as much in a short amount of time of each region

Notes from the video and terms to listen for:

tranquil backwaters: calm rivers
variety of terrains: different landscapes
world's best tourism with a variety of different landscapes
: people who used to kill endangered and lawfully protected animals
wildlife sanctuary
national park

plantation tours
enivironmental education
river crossing
mother nature enthusiasts
panoramic views
bird watching
chief attractions
leaves you "spell-bound" : when you are so amazed you are speechless
uninhibited : can mean no one lives there, OR that you have no shame
"teeming" with exotic wildlife : overflowing
nature lovers
awe inspiring experience : it gives you a feeling of amazement
visual feast : food for your eyes; your eyes have plenty of enjoyment and things to see

Here is a contrasting view of India: