*Please note the special schedule the week of April 23rd*

MONDAYS salle 301
Group 4A: 8h - 9h20
Group 6:  9h30- 10h50
Group 3B: 11h - 12h20

Licence1 Reinforced English
March 19th 17h - 18h20 salle 508
March 26th 17h30 - 18h50 salle 508
April 2nd 17h - 18h20 salle 508
April 23rd 17h - 18h20 salle 508 ** subject to change

WEDNESDAYS salle 305
Group 4B: 8h - 9h20
Group 3A: 9h30 - 10h50
Group 5: 11h - 12h20

Vacation Weeks 15 and 16: April 9th - 20th
WEEK of April 25th
No Classes Monday. Wednesday classes meet as usual.
Level 4A will meet TUESDAY April 26, 18h30 - 19h50
Level 5 will meet WEDNESDAY April 27, 17h - 18h20
Level 3A will meet FRIDAY April 29, 11h - 12h20

Attendance is mandatory. If you are to be absent, you are to follow university policy, and have a note from a doctor, a problem with your child, or a problem with transportation due to a strike. Please notify me in advance of an absences, or they will be counted against you.