27 March, 2012

Monday Workshop L1

We did the Speed Dating Activity yesterday. Each student came up with a profile, and then each student went on 'dates' with the other students. At the end each student selected their favorite date, as you would at actual Speed Dating. Here is a funny video about Speed Dating, it's supposed to be sarcastic (or ironic).

We had some time left at the end, in which I discussed briefly the immense popularity of dating nights like Speed Dating, or dating websites, and even now, phone applications for dating and meeting up with people who are located nearby. There are two recent NY Times articles I suggested reading, one based on the new phone applications for dating, and the second discusses the 'science' behind the dating websites. (Many websites claim to be able to find your perfect match based on mathematic equations or lengthy personality quizzes)

The last article I mentioned claims that because only 1 million users are on the most popular dating site (eHarmony) in the United State, you may have more of a chance to meet that special someone on World of Warcraft, since it boasts 12 million users. Here is a link to that article with a link to the the infographic. This is not exactly a reputable site, but they raise an interesting point.

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