29 September, 2010


English-Language Library (site available in French and English)
Consider signing up for their monthly newsletter that will keep you updated about current events and activities taking place there. You will also find a bulletin board there, where you can find English language exchanges, tutors, private lessons and classes. You can also find a good selection of TOIEC books and English DVDs in the collection.
and on Facebook

60 rue Boisnet
Angers, France, 49100
Phone: 02 41 24 97 07
Tues - Sat: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
I believe the library now has Sunday hours from 12 - 6:00 pm.

*NOTE* virtual translators should never be used for assignments, or longs pieces of text. They do not work, and I can usually tell if you are using one. - best dictionary with forum posts about correct usage of the words. - Google's translation service - my preferred English/French translator - modern slang dictionary, updated daily, voted responses

Online Newspapers
I personally recommend reading current events for a few minutes each day to help build your vocabulary. For lower level students, try the - most of their articles are very short and to the point. For anyone in a higher level, I recommend articles. The writers have a great vocabulary as well as the use of more modern, vibrant language.

This can be a great way to improve your listening skills. There are many different podcasts and streaming radio stations that are accessible here in France. My personal favorite talk radio is and they offer music shows (with interviews with bands), culture programs, and just about everything. My personal favorites are and

Every year there are American exchange students through the Université Catholique. You can contact their Foreign Student office for language tandems or exchanges with the English students. They often have to take obligatory French classes, so it would benefit you both.

There is also a regular (usually weekly) meetup of international Couchsurfers in Angers. You can subscribe to the Angers group on the website to potentially meet English speakers living here.