22 November, 2010

Marketing Presentation

Select one of the following topics to choose as the subject of your media campaign: (If you are feeling motivated, create a product of your own. Be sure to verify with me first.)
  • A handbag for men
  • A new soda that tastes like Nutella
  • Fashionable Sportswear for girls
  • Cheeseburgers in a can
  • Camera that only takes perfect pictures
  • Wine Flavored toothpaste
  • Dancing shoes - makes you a perfect dancer

The job of advertisers, no matter what the product, is to make the product look attractive. You must know the target audience of your product, who you are trying to sell to; and think of the types of things they are going to be interested in. You want to capture their interest, and convince them the new product is cool and worth buying.

Your presentation must address these area of the advertsing campaign.

  • SLOGAN - catchphrase, motto, or tagline of your product.
  • BUZZWORDS - developed from your brainstorm of what the product should be, these words generate interest and describe your product
  • TARGET AUDIENCE - this is exactly who you are selling to; you should know their age, where they are from, what kind of interests they have
  • MEDIA - these days there are all kinds of advertising campaigns that stretch beyong regular print media. Redbull has their car, that hands out free drinks and creates promotional events. Everyone has a Facebook fan page, maybe your website has a free download, discount, or application for iPhone and Android. Maybe you have a Twitter page from your spokesperson. You should consider what types of media you would use to get the word out about your awesome new product and why it would be effective.
  • POSTERS - I expect at least 2 different ideas for what your product posters will look like. You can actually create the posters, or you can describe in detail what you would like them to look like. You can cut up magazines, organize a photo slideshow, or show examples of other advertsing you want your advertising to resemble. Explain why this is an effective marketing approach for your target audience.
  • SUMMARY - Conclusion; it is a presentation, so remember its important to have a few short closing remarks.

This is an English class so you will be graded on your presentation and oral level of English, as well as graded on the outlined presentation I would like you to write/type out and hand in at the end of your presentation. Each English level has different expectations for grading, length of presentation, and length of written portion. Contact me with questions.

19 November, 2010

Eco - Tourism : Niveau 2

Green Tourism graces ITB Berlin Travel Fair,,5338973,00.html

ITB Berlin Trade Show 2011

EDEN - The European Destinations of Excellence

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Vocabulary, Know the following terms

Cruise packages
overseas getaways
trekking tours
Sustainable travel
Carbon Footprints
CO2 emissions
natural landscapes
trendy topic
protected areas
tourism and leisure packages
untouched natural preserves

The Hookup

Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships


the hookup - can be non-sexual. "no strings attatched" relationship, no commitment, short-term, unspecific

workaday world - having to go to work everyday, Monday through Friday, main activity is work

child-rearing - raising of children, having babies

stalwart - unwavering; steadfast, unchanging

getting laid - slang for having sex, or other sexual relations with someone

3 day rule - in the US, a social rule that states you must not call or text a girl for at least 3 days after a date or a hookup

dormitories - co-ed (both genders) university housing, can also be strictly male or female

lights out - the time you are supposed to be in bed by

curfew - the time you should be in your building by; its also popular to have curfew for teenagers within certain towns in the US as well

Fast Food: McDonald's McRib

Here are links to the texts, articles, and websites we used in class.

Solving The McRib Mystery: McDonald's Employees Tell Us What's In The Seasonal Sandwich

Legends of McRib promotional site from McDonald's with the commercial

for nutrition facts, click on nutrition

Fast Food Info, the photos of the McRib being taken apart and ingredients

Vocabulary -

high fructose corn syrup - condensed syrup made from corn that has high fat and sugar levels that is put into many foods in the US because it is cheap to produce; incredibly bad for your health: cholesterol, heart, weight, and taste buds

daily calorie intake - amount of calories you should consume in one day, varies on your gender, age, and excercise

locator - an online tool or website that allows you to locate a product or store

gastropub - a new trend in American restaurants, organic and locally produced food, ingredients and local, traditional recipes.

grass-fed bed - cows that eat grass, as opposed to cow who eat corn in the US because its cheaper to have more cows, and fatter cows this way

debuted - just a note, the 't' is not pronounced in this word

sticky - usually a substance that affixes to a surface, and is hard to remove

well-versed - well-spoken; someone who speaks very knowledgably and without hestitation

united front - a uniform force, in this case, employees who all act the same

Discussion Questions (Niveau 4 and up):

What did you think when you read the headline?
What springs to your mind when you hear the term 'fast food'?
Do you think fast food is here to stay?
Why do you think it's unhealthy to live near fast food restaurants?
What do you think of fast food restaurants, how often do you eat there?
Has this article made you think again about eating fast food?
What is your favorite kind of fast food?
What is your diet normally like, do you think kids today are growing up with the same diet?
Is it true for your country that there are more fast food restaurants in low-income areas?

04 November, 2010

Common Corrections - Niveau 4

These are mistakes I found commonly on the papers I corrected for the past internship, as well as introducing your partner.

I was in charge of handling ... reception, phone calls, e-mails, welcoming guests, etc.

Do not use mission - more commonly used words are: goals, tasks, jobs, assignments, projects.

There is a big problem with past continuous (or progressive) and past tense. Please try to study when each one is appropriate. You can review the grammar by clicking the link.

I have done an internship... I had an internship...
I has been in charge of... I was in charge of...

*Pay attention to the difference between for and during!*

I was working there for four months. During the first month, I only answered phone calls.

The project was for the Advertising Department. It was during this project that I became familiar with the advertising process, and the jobs of each employee in this department.

English rules

When using a number of 10, ten or less, write the number: one, two, three, etc.

If using the number suffixes, use them correctly: the 4th of July; It was December 3rd.; I worked there from the 1st of June to / until the 30th of August.


city center center city, downtown, the heart of the city
persons people ex. There was one person in line. There were several people in line.


Here is a great link for a basic, quick explanation of how to use punctuation! YAY!

Quiz Review - Niveau 2

Here are some additional notes from class.

Job Abbreviations -

CEO - Chief Executive Officer
VIP - Very Important Person
HR - Human Resources
PR - Public Relations
PhD - Doctorate of Philosophy
MA - Master's of the Arts
BA - Bachelor's of the Arts
VP - Vice-President
PA - Personal Assistant
EU - European Union

Common Phrases -

Vegetarians are people who don't eat / are not eating meat.

Look out! My husband comes / is coming.

Some people still think the sun goes / is going round the earth.

I play / 'm playing tennis every weekend.

Who sits / is sitting in my chair?

What happens / is happening in golf if you lose the ball?

An alcoholic is a person who drinks / is drinking too much and can't stop.

Look! She wears / She's wearing the same shoes as me.

'What are you looking / do you look at?'

About You Questions - Niveau 2

This is the box game, where half the class left the room. You will find here commonly asked questions, as well as directional vocabulary.

What year were you born? Please write the year you were born.
How old are you? I am...
How old is your dad? ... your mom? ... your parents?

What's your best friend's name?

What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite store?
What's your favorite food? drink?
What's your favorite book? music? band? singer?

What food do you not like?

How many hours a night do you usually sleep?
How long does it take you to get to school each day?


On line number one..
On the line above / below the shape

Shapes - Line, Circle, Square, Rectangle, Box

Inside the circle...
Above the box...
Below the rectangle...


Although Philadelphia is known for a movie I have never seen, a song by the same title, and Rocky here in France, there is much more to "The City of Brotherly Love". By the way, the stairs that Rocky climbs are the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which houses the largest collection of French Impressionist paintings outside of France, and also has a Rodin Museum located close by.

Philadelphia was originally settled by Quakers, Germans, and some English, all seeking religious freedom. The colony was set up by William Penn, after his deed was signed by the King of England. He named the area Pennsylvania, Penn after himself, and sylvania which is latin for woods, or forest. There is a statue of him atop City Hall in Philadelphia, which is the center of Center City.

Philadelphia was where the Declaration of Independence was written on July 4th, 1776, and also where the Constitution was signed, in Independenca Hall. This made Philadelphia the first capital city of the United States. Located across from this historic site, is the Liberty Bell. It was originally intended to be hung, but after it cracked twice when the city tried to ring it, we decided to leave it that way. Many Philadelphians consider it a symbol of the way things work in the city, only at half their potential.

Benjamin Franklin was a big part of the Revolution, that led to the 13 colonies gaining their independence from England and becoming the United States. He was also the diplomat to France, who asked France to assist the colonies in their war against England. The colonies won their Independence with the help of the French Navy and General LaFayette. Ben Franklin is also famous for planning the city of Philadelphia, as well as being a gifted inventor, publisher, and redhead!

Philadelphia is also the hometown of Will Smith, my favorite baseball team: the Philadelphia Phillies, the Cheesesteak, the best soft pretzels in the world, Hall & Oates (cheesy 80s band), Bill Cosby (comedian), many types of beer, plenty of hipsters on fixed-gear bikes, and the tv show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


hipsters : (via Noun - urban (or suburban import) dweller who goes to all the coolest clubs, listens to the coolest music, is into various aspects of the arts, including but not limited to street art, indie films, street displays, sticker art, etc.... A hipster also must know all the coolest other hipsters. If you have to ask what a hipster is, then you are definitely not a hipster. Hipsters have more music on their ipods then anyone they know, and all the bands are indie or underground.

fixed-gear bikes or fixies : (via a bicycle with only one rear cog or "gear" which is fixed directly onto the hub of the wheel.